Old-Time Jam

There have been regular old-time music get-togethers in the Boston area for many years.  A few years ago I started making a list of the tunes that were played at some of the jams I attended.  Here's that list.

Minuteman Music Jam Dates

Upcoming Old-Time Jams at Minuteman Music

Upcoming Old-Time Jams

at Minuteman Music


January 8th, 2009   7:30pm


February 12th, 2009 7:30pm


March 12th, 2009 7:30pm


April 9th, 2009 7:30pm


May 14th, 2009 7:30pm


June 11th, 2009 7:30pm


Old-Time Jams Around Town

Old-Time Jams Around Town

Old-Time Jams Around Town


Monday nights

8pm ‘til whenever


Sandy’s Music

896A Massachusetts Ave.

Cambridge, MA 02139

(617) 491-2812


One of the longest running jams that I know of.  I’ve met many a cool musician and old-time music enthusiast at Sandy’s store.  Sandy also has a great radio show on WUMB that covers amazing musical ground.  His Traditional Folk program can be heard on Saturday nights from 9pm until midnight.  His store is a great place to buy your first instrument, buy music books and CD’s and get great advice.



The second Thursday night of each month.

7:30pm until 10pm


Minuteman Music Center

235 Bedford Street

Lexington, MA 02420

(781) 274-0088


Small, inimate jam with diversely talented regulars.  Banjo, Fiddle, Guitar, Mandolins usually well represented. Usually some good singing. Beginners welcome.



Sunday nights

6pm to 9pm


The Skellig Pub

240 Moody Street

Waltham, MA 02453

(781) 647-0679


Giant jam with a whole bunch of musicians led by fiddler Alan Kaufman.  Good food and drink and lots of opportunity to socialize with fellow musicians.  People wave been known to spontaneously break out waltzing.



Jam Tune List

Tunes in the key of DTunes in the key of ATunes in the key of G
Arkansas Traveller Bill cheatum Are You from Dixie?
Backstep Cindy Booth Shot Lincoln Aura Lee
Battleship of Maine Boys them Buzzards are Flying Big Footed Man in the
    Sandy Land
Bonaparte Crossing the Rhine Breaking up Christmas Brickyard Joe
Briarpicker Brown Bull At The Wagon Cacklin Hen
Chinese Breakdown Campbells Farewell to Redgap Charlie He's a good Old Man
Cider Candy Girl Cotton Eyed Joe
Coal Miner Blues Chicken in the Snowbank Cowboy's Waltz
Coon Dog Chinquapin Hunting Devil Ate the Woodchuck
Cuban Soldier Copwboys Dream Ebeneezer
Cumberland Gap Cowboy's Waltz Fly around My Pretty Little Miss
Devil chased me around the stump Doney Free Little Bird
Don Tremain's Reel Double File Garfield's Blackberry Blossom
Dry & Dusty Ducks on the Pond Goin to Jail
Dubuque Dull Chisel Golden Slippers
Duck River Elzick's Farewell Got no Honeybabe Now
Ducks on the mill Pond Folded Deer J. Goulds Daughter
Ducks on the Pond Frosty Morn Lazy John
Dunbar George Booker Leaving Home (Charlie Poole)
Durang's Hornpipe Ginny Get Around Lost Girl
Fall on My Knees Goin Down the River Lynchburg Town
Fields of November Gospel Ship Magpie
Fishers Hornpipe Great Big Taters in the Sandy Land Nancy Rowland
Flop Eared Mule Grub Springs Paddy on the Turnpike
Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss Half Past Four Pretty Little Bird
Glory in the Meeting House Hand me Down my Walking Cane Pretty Little Miss
Grasshopper Sitting on a Sweet
     Potato Vine
Hangmans Reel Sail Away Ladies
Green Willis Hunt the Buffalo Sandy River Belles
Hang me oh Hang me Ice on the Pond Seneca Square dance
Hawkes & Eagles Jeff Sturgeon Shoes & Stockings
Hell Among the Yearlings Jeff Sturgeon Shove the Pigs Foot a
     Little closer to the Fire
Hi Born Girl Jenny get Around Sugar in Gourd
John Hardy John Browns Dream Turkey in the Straw
Johnny Don't Get Drunk John Henry Waynesboro
Julianne Johnson June Apple Willow
Julianne Johnson  (RG) Kitchen Girl Willow By the Lake
Julianne Johnson (alt) Little Billy Wilson Wink the other Eye
Leaving Dear Old Ireland Little Darlin' Pal of Mine
Liberty Little Dutch Girl
Mississippi Sawyers Little Girl with the Hair all Down Behind
Old Yeller Dog Coming Through the
    Meeting House
Liza Jane
Over the Waterfall Meet you at the Station
Paddy on the Railroad Mole in the Ground
Police Old Bunch of Keys
Polly Put the Kettle On Old Horse & Buggy
Quince Dillons High D Tune Old Mother Flanagan
Rabbit in a Pea Patch Police
Robinson County Policeman
Rock the Cradle Joe Pretty Little Gal
Rockingham Cindy Pretty Little Shoes
Rocky Mountain Goat Pretty Little Widow
Sadie at the Back Door Rabbit in a Log
Saint Annes Reel Red Haired Boy
Sandy River Belle Ride Old Buck To Water
Sara Sadie At the Back door
Silly Bill Sail Away Ladies
Snouts & Ears of America Sandy Boys
Soldiers Joy Santa Ana's Retreat
Spotted Pony Shaking down the Acorns
Spring Creek Gals Shenandoah Falls
Spring Creek Girls Soldiers Joy
Staten Island Hornpipe Spring Creek Girls
Sugar Hill Springs all muddy and the pond is Dry
Train on the Island Sugar in the Gourd
Turkey in the Straw Swing 9 Yards of Calico
Valley Forge Tater Patch
Waiting for Nancy The Girl that I love Don't Pay me no Mind.
West Fork Gals Train On The Island
Whiskey Before Breakfast Trouble in the Mind
Wind the Shakes the Barley Waltz of the leaves
Winder's Slide Waterbound
year of Jubilo Ways of the World
Yellow Barber Ways of the World
Yellow Rose of Texas When I get Home  (E.C. Ball)
Wild Rose of the Mountain
Wreck of the Old 97
Year of Jubilo

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